Upcoming Events

20th September 2017 Training Event¬†“Well-Being in the Workplace for Employers” | Awareness of Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Sexual Violence & Stress. | To book please follow this link.

Past Events

29th June 2017 Attendance at the 1st National Conference: Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Services | Raising The Bar: Best Practices on Stalking Cases Conference

29th March 2017 Presentation on the Impact of Domestic Abuse and Stalking in the Workplace | Working in Association with Dorset Rape Crisis

13th January 2017 EDBN East Dorset Business Network. Speech to 50+ businesses about the Impact of Domestic Violence and Stalking in the Workplace, Dorset

17th January 2017 Attendance at Leadership Development Workshops through UnLtd., London

December 2016 Attendance at International Men’s Day Conference organised by The Safer Poole Partneship

December 2016 Attendance at Bournemouth University Social Enterprise Day

November 2016 Talk at DHR Conference hosted by Bournemouth Council, Dorset Police and Safer Poole Partnership

October 2016 Attendance at UnLtd. Social Entrepreneurs Autumn Retreat, Nottingham

October 2016 Attendance at CPD Standards Event about Study of Cultural and Behavioural Change within Organisations , London