On-Line Training workshop: An Introduction to Understanding Domestic Abuse in the Workplace (CPD)

CPD Accredited

Thurs 15th July 2021 – 10.00am-12.00am

This on-line training workshop provides an opportunity to learn how domestic abuse can impact on an employee and the business, whether in the workplace or working from home. By attending this event you will gain

  • Increased understanding of domestic abuse
  • Increased understanding of the need to address domestic abuse in the workplace
  • Increased knowledge of how to make your workplace a Safe Space

This on-line workshop will introduce the social, legal and economic context, helping employers to understand their responsibilities towards their employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse. By the end of the session attendees will feel confident in taking the next steps to ensure their workplace is a Safe Space.

This training workshop will provide a foundation in understanding a many layered and complex subject.

This training is CPD Accredited and all attendees with receive a CPD credit and certificate or an attendance certificate, dependant on requirement.

All attendees will receive handouts from the workshop.

This event is hosted by Julie Johns MBE and is suitable for all employers, supervisors, team leaders and HR professionals.

This training workshop will be delivered as a live Zoom event and is being offered at £35 per person.

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