What We Do

We engage organisations to create safe and healthy workplaces where the message is abuse, stalking and harassment is unacceptable.

We provide presentations, training and consultants on the Impact of domestic abuse, stalking, bullying and sexual harassment in the Workplace.

We offer CPD Accredited Training and Awareness for:

” Very insightful session – lots of information and thought provoking tips on how as a HR Manager we can help and support our colleagues and work with both companies (Safe Space & STARS). “

Tesco Staff

” Very helpful reinforcement of info to support clients in care. “

NHS Staff

What We Provide

On-Line & in Person Training on the following;

  • One day training on the Impact of Domestic Abuse & Stalking
  • Half-day training with Presentation and two workshops
  • Two-hour training seminar with Presentation and one workshop
  • All of the above can include presentations/ workshops on Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Bullying & Harassment, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Why we do it

Domestic Abuse is Everyone’s Business

We work with all sectors, helping to improve confidence in better supporting their staff. To equip employers, managers and supervisors in having a greater understanding of these issues and feel more able to appropriately and safely address this in the workplace.

We encourage confidence in staff to disclose relationship abuse and/or harassment issues, so they can be recognised and dealt with in the early stages, reducing stress, fear and risk to staff and organisation. Through engaging with Safe Space training and implementing policies and procedures, we can contribute towards changing the conversation and the culture within the workplace

Our mission is to empower employers to create safe and healthy workplaces where the message is abuse, stalking and harassment is unacceptable.

How We Do It

Through empowering employers to:

  1. Encourage confidence in reporting and addressing these issues in the workplace
  2. Reduce the risk of harm to individuals and business
  3. Understand their legal responsibilities towards their staff
  4. Develop policies and ensuring businesses are well prepared
  5. Ensure best practise in staff support, safety, health and well-being

The Business Benefits

Employers are key in spotting the signs early.

  • Being known as a ‘great place to work’

  • Attracting best talent with new employees

  • More motivated (and therefore creative and productive) workforce

  • A healthy, open communication environment

  • Increased financial health for the company

  • Focused on developing local business

” Domestic Abuse costs UK businesses in excess of £1.9 billion per year “

of employed women missing at least three days of work per month due to domestic abuse or stalking

of UK workers have experienced bullying

of women and 20% of men had experienced sexual harassment in the workplace or at their place of study

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