What is Domestic Abuse?

“Any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive, threatening behavior, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are, or have been, intimate partners or family members regardless of gender or sexuality.”

The abuse can encompass but is not limited to:

• Psychological
• Physical
• Sexual
• Financial
• Emotional

Coercive Control is a criminal offence. If you experience this form of abuse you can report it to the police. The police may give your abuser a warning or they may arrest him for a criminal offence. If the police have enough evidence they will refer the matter to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

Definitions of controlling behaviour:- a range of acts designed to make a person subordinate and/or dependent by isolating them from sources of support, exploiting their resources and capacities for personal gain, depriving them of the means for independence, resistance and escape and regulating their everyday behavior.

Definition of Coercive behaviour:- an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish or frighten a victim.

Stalking is a criminal offence. Stalking can be committed 2 ways namely, Stalking involving fear of violence OR stalking involving serious alarm or distress. This only needs to be 2 repetitive incidents where one person’s behavior is intrusive and engenders fear in another.

Safe Space Consultancy is committed to raising awareness of these issues to businesses, to remove ‘barriers to safety’ and ensure the workplace is a ‘Safe Space’ in which to report these issues and receive the appropriate support – without fear or judgement.  If you are experiencing either domestic abuse or stalking…

Do not suffer in silence

• Tell a trusted colleague what is happening
• Keep a diary of incidences; dates, times, what happened or was said or threatened.
• Report it as soon as possible

It is a basic human right to live free from violence and abuse. However sometimes support is needed to help to identify what is happening, the level of risk and that the abusive behavior is not acceptable. Everyone has a right to live without being scared or intimidated and without having their freedom limited by a partner, family member or anyone else.

Safe Space Consultancy understands how much courage it takes to speak up about abuse – that is why you deserve to be supported in the way that is needed – appropriately, safely and without judgement.

Clare’s Law (Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme)
If you have concerns about a partner you have a Right To Ask. This gives individuals the opportunity to ask about their partner if they are concerned they may have been abusive in the past. If this is agreed, a police officer will provide the disclosure with a support worker from a local Domestic Abuse Support Agency

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