What Safe Space Consultancy can provide:

On-Line Webinars and Face-2-Face Training on the following;

  • One day training on the Impact of Domestic Abuse & Stalking in the Workplace
  • A half-day training to include the Quiz & Presentation and 1 workshop
  • The presentation as an introduction to raising awareness of the Impact of Domestic Abuse & Stalking in the Workplace
  • In partnership with a local charity addressing sexual trauma – STARS – we can deliver Employer Awareness Training on Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence in the Workplace

Read my Blog: https://safespaceconsultancy.org/understanding-sexual-harassment-in-the-workplace/

The presentation and workshops are individually accredited as well as accredited as a whole package.  This can be delivered as a bespoke package to the business and/or delivered over a period of time.

1-Day Training: Impact of Domestic Abuse and Stalking in the Workplace

Introductory Presentation to raise awareness

Workshop 1: What is Domestic Abuse & Stalking? Spotting the signs

Workshop 2: Impact of DA & Stalking on Individual & Organisation (Reducing risk)

Workshop 3: How could you support an employee?

Workshop 4: Implementing DA & Stalking policies

(with ongoing support and resources)

Follow the link to find out more about current on-line webinar training


CPD Accredited Training Learning Objectives

• To raise awareness of the prevalence and impact of domestic abuse & stalking in the workplace

• To work with the private, educational, statutory and voluntary sector to enable organisations to better support their staff

• To enable organisations to spot the signs of domestic abuse & stalking,

• To enable organisations to understand their responsibilities and thereby reduce the risk to staff and organisations

For further info on CPD follow the link: https://www.cpdstandards.com/

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