Understanding Economic Abuse for Employers

2019 has seen the introduction of the new draft Domestic Abuse Bill and with its inclusion in the Queens Speech this year, has now received its second hearing to pass through parliament. As part of the new Bill, Economic Abuse will be included within the legal definition. What is Economic Abuse and why is it different […]

Christmas: A factor causing a rise in domestic abuse incidents

Christmas, along with pregnancy, ending a relationship and large sporting events, such as the World Cup Football, are one of the factors causing a rise in domestic abuse incidents. As we are nearing the festive season, it is important for employers to be aware this is often a high-risk time for those in toxic relationships.  […]

Understanding Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The courage of women who have spoken up and named and shamed those who have victimised them in the past has unleashed a new impetus for culture change.  Speaking up takes incredible courage, particularly as the person who has been sexually harassed, abused or raped then faces the risk of being further victimised.  Sexual harassment […]

Why workplaces are high-risk for victims of stalking

We need a culture change in our attitude to stalking if we are going to stop these devastating crimes from happening. How can we bring this about? We need to raise awareness about stalking and work together to reduce the risk of people getting harmed. Read the article by HMIC “Living in fear – the […]

Safe Space Consultancy Event March 2017

A professional milestone was achieved recently for Safe Space Consultancy and Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre. Delivering training to People Managers from Tesco’s stores within and around Bournemouth on Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse and Stalking in the Workplace. Delivering training to business on these subjects is still in its infancy so myself and Helen Stevens from DRCSC were […]