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One of the main aims of Safe Space Consultancy is to raise awareness of Stalking behaviour and Domestic Abuse to new and wider audiences. Therefore I am delighted that my article on Stalking – How Serious Is It? Has been accepted by a new publication, World Fashion Media News.

There does seem to be a general attitude of apathy and misunderstanding of stalking behaviour that leads to more serious and significant harm, including domestic homicides. UK Statistics state that stalking offences are present in 99% of domestic abuse homicides and a perpetrator of domestic abuse who uses coercive control2 tactics are more likely to stalk, which includes coercive controlling behaviour post-separation. The fact that 120 women and children in the UK3 were murdered by men; a partner or ex-partner in the previous 12 months proves that stalking is indeed an horrendous crime and needs to be taken seriously.

Read the full article here https://www.worldfashionmedianews.com/stalking—how-serious-is-it.html

Painting – Contempt by SueWickerArt

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